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How to install CentOS 6.5

On this article I will show you how to install CentOS 6.5, you will need download the ISO file and create the media to store it on USB or DVD and It needs be ready to boot. I assume you will use a computer where format the disk does not matter.

After you boot your Installation Media, the following screen appears and you have only 30 seconds to select one of the following options, by default the first option is selected and we will use it. To advance you could use F12 key to move forward.
 Then the following screen appears indicating that you could test your installation media, here select “Skip”

On the following screen only move forward (F12)

Now select the language that you want to use, take in count that one of the advantages of CentOS is that you can change your language later, press F12 to continue:

Now select the Keyboard you want to use and press F12:

Now select the first option and press F12
After that select “Yes, discard any data”  and continue:

Now type the name for the computer you want to use and press F12:

Type the password for the “Root” user and confirm:

On the next screen select the default (“Replace Existing Linux System(s)”) option and continue:

Select “Write changes to disk” and continue:

Now select the type of installation, we use the “Desktop” option:

After the last screen installation will start:

After a while the next screen will inform you that installation was succeeded:

Now to finish you will be required with minimum information as date and time and user creation:

After the last screen you will be ready to Login:
Review that your network connection is on:
If your connection is disabled as last screen, enable it as follows (System/Preferences/Network Connections):

Select your network card and click on “Edit” button:

Finally select the checkbox “Connect Automatically” in order to enable the network card and every time the Linux boot always enable connectivity:

If the following window appears asking you for ROOT credentials, provide it to continue:

Now you must see the icon and status on the red rectangle as follows:

Now your Linux CentOs 6.5 is ready to work.


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